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Bar Stools and Team logo Pub Chairs

Bar Stools and Pub Seating can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your Fan Cave. For sports themed Man Caves the right team bar stool or chair will really stand out and show the team pride your going for. Check out our Bar Stools from the leaders in team bar seating, Holland Bar Stool and Imperial USA.

Bar Stools and Chairs by Imperial USA: 

The Imperial USA Bar Stool: These Officially Licensed Team Bar Stools are made in the USA by Imperial. The NFL, MLB or NCAA Team logo is printed on the underside of heavy-duty, clear vinyl to prevent it from scratching off for a logo that will last for years. The stools base is commercial quality chrome plated tubular steel. The seat cushion measures 3.5-inches thick with a 14.5-inch diameter, is 30-inches high, and has a two ring frame. Make your bars stool an Imperial, you can even match this stool up with the Team Pub Tables to complete your fan cave or game room! Read more...


NFL Bar Stools

NCAA Bar Stools

The Imperial Directors Chairs: These Bar Height and Table Height Director Chairs are custom manufactured in the heart of Tennessee by Imperial USA. The Directors Chairs are available in both Table and Bar height, and the team logos are screen printed on the chairs back and seats, which are made of a high quality 16oz duck cloth canvas. The chairs are officially licensed by the NFL, MLB, NHL and NCAA and include an industry leading 10 year Limited warranty on frame, covering Imperials high quality workmanship! These Directors Chairs are made with pride in the USA. Read more...


NFL Bar Height Directors Chairs

NHL Bar Height Directors Chairs

NCAA Bar Height Directors Chairs

NFL Table Height Directors Chairs

NHL Table Height Directors Chairs

NCAA Table Height Directors Chairs

Bar Stools by Holland Bar Stool Co.

L014 - Black Wrinkle Swivel Bar Stool with Ladder Style Back:


NCAA L014 Bar Stools

NHL L014 Bar Stools

Military L014 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L014 Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L014 Bar Stools

Corvette L014 Bar Stools

L018 - Black Wrinkle Swivel Bar Stool with Jailhouse Style Back:


NCAA L018 Bar Stools

NHL L018 Bar Stools

Military L018 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L018 Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L018 Bar Stools

Corvette L018 Bar Stools

L7C1 - 4" Cushion Seat with Double-Ring Chrome Base Swivel Bar Stool:


NCAA L7C1 Bar Stools

NHL L7C1 Bar Stools

Military L7C1 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L7C1 Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L7C1 Bar Stools

Corvette L7C1 Bar Stools

L7C3C - Chrome Double Ring Swivel Bar Stool with 2.5" Ribbed Accent Ring:


NCAA L7C3C Bar Stools

NHL L7C3C Bar Stools

Military L7C3C Bar Stools

Jim Beam L7C3C Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L7C3C Bar Stools

Corvette L7C3C Bar Stools

L7C4 - Chrome Double Ring Swivel Bar Stool with a Padded Back:


NCAA L7C4 Bar Stools

NHL L7C4 Bar Stools

Military L7C4 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L7C4 Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L7C4 Bar Stools

L8B1 - 4" Swivel Cushion Seat with Black Wrinkle Base Bar Stool


NCAA L8B1 Bar Stools

NHL L8B1 Bar Stools

Military L8B1 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8B1 Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L8B1 Bar Stools

Corvette L8B1 Bar Stools

L8B2B Bar Stool with Black Wrinkle Swivel Base and 2.5" Seat with black Accent Ring


NCAA L8B2B Bar Stools

NHL L8B2B Bar Stools

Military L8B2B Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8B2B Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L8B2B Bar Stools

Corvette L8B2B Bar Stools

L8B2C - Bar Stool with Black Wrinkle Swivel Base and Chrome Accent Ring


NCAA L8B2C Bar Stools

NHL L8B2C Bar Stools

Military L8B2C Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8B2C Bar Stool

Indian Motorcycle L8B2C Bar Stool

Corvette L8B2C Bar Stool

L8B3C - Black Wrinkle Swivel Base Bar Stool with Chrome 2.5" Ribbed Accent Ring


NCAA L8B3C Bar Stools

NHL L8B3C Bar Stools

Military L8B3C Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8B3C Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L8B3C Bar Stools

Corvette L8B3C Bar Stools

L8B4 - Black Wrinkle Swivel Base Bar Stool with a Padded Back Rest


NCAA L8B4 Bar Stools

NHL L8B4 Bar Stools

Military L8B4 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8B4 Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L8B4 Bar Stools

Corvette L8B4 Bar Stools

L8C1 - 4" Cushion Seat with Chrome Base Swivel Bar Stool


NCAA L8C1 Bar Stools

NHL L8C1 Bar Stools

Military L8C1 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8C1 Bar Stool

Indian Motorcycle L8C1 Bar Stool

Corvette L8C1 Bar Stool

L8C2C - Bar Stool with Chrome Swivel Base and Accent Ring


NCAA L8C2C Bar Stools

NHL L8C2C Bar Stools

Military L8C2C Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8C2C Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L8C2C Bar Stools

Corvette L8C2C Bar Stools

L8C3C - Bar Stool with Chrome Swivel Base and 2.5" Ribbed Accent Ring


NCAA L8C3C Bar Stools

NHL L8C3C Bar Stools

Military L8C3C Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8C3C Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L8C3C Bar Stools

Corvette L8C3C Bar Stools

L8C4 - Bar Stools with Chrome Swivel Base and Padded Back Rest


NCAA L8C4 Bar Stools

NHL L8C4 Bar Stools

Military L8C4 Bar Stools

Jim Beam L8C4 Bar Stools

Indian Motorcycle L8C4 Bar Stools

Corvette L8C4 Bar Stools