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Team Coolers, Insulated Tote Bags and Ice Chests

If your tailgating or just grilling at home in the backyard, these coolers, Insulated Totes and Ice Chests will keep your drinks and food cold!  Most coolers are available with Officially Licensed versions including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA.

Cooler Categories:

Coolers with Stands | Coolers with Wheels | Coolers with Lights | Can Shaped Coolers | Cooler Tables | Bistro Bar Keg Cooler | Cooler Totes / Insulated Bags | Six-Pack Coolers | Backpack Coolers | Cooler Grill Combo Sets |

Tailgating Coolers with Stands: 

The Sidekick CoolerThe Sidekick Portable Cooler by Picnic Time is great for tailgating and is made of reinforced polyester on a steel frame. The Side Kick cooler with stand features a heat-sealed, water-resistant interior with a drainage spout and adjustable shoulder-carry strap. The Sidekick Coolers also have a large, zippered opening to load the cooler and a smaller center opening for convenient access to the items inside. The Sidekick easily folds inwardly towards its center for storage and has an adjustable shoulder-carry strap for easy transport. Read more...


The Sidekick Cooler

NFL Sidekick Cooler

NBA Sidekick Cooler

NCAA Sidekick Cooler

Coolers with Wheels: 

The Cart CoolerThe Cart Cooler is the ideal tailgate paty cooler with wheels. The cooler tote can be removed from the cart, has two large storage pockets on each side and features a large opening with zipper closure for easy accessibility. With an insulated foil lined interior, the cart cooler also has a removable water-resistant, heat-sealed, PVC liner that holds up to 37 12-oz. canned beverages, or 15 quarts of cooling power. The Cooler sits on a lightweight durable folding cart complete with extra wide large wheels and a stabilizing bar to keep the tote from tipping over when not moving. Made of polyester micro-fiber, Cart Coolers by Picnic Time allow you to keep drinks and food cool while tailgating, on the move in the parking lot, in the backyard, at the beach or camping. Read more...

The Cart Cooler

NFL Cart Cooler

NCAA Cart Cooler

The NFL Football CoolerThe NFL Football Cooler is the ultimate tailgating cooler when at an NFL game. With a telescopic handle, heavy duty wheels, and a 55 quart capacity, this insulated football-shaped cooler easily moves where ever the party takes you. Support you favorite NFL Football team with this awesome cooler! Read more...

The Wine Cellar with CartThe portable Wine Cellar with Trolley is so versatile, you will wonder how you ever managed without one! Designed as an insulated 6-bottle wine carrier, the Cellar with Trolley comes equipped with padded, removable interior dividers and a removable water-resistant interior lining both of which allow you to convert the Wine Cellar with Trolley into a handy rolling cooler to tote your food and beverages. The exterior is made of durable ripstop polyester in solid black with a waterproof PVC base. Read more...

The NFL Football Cooler

The NFL Cellar with Trolley

Coolers with Lights: 

The LiT Coolers with internal lights:The LiT Coolers performance doesn't end when the sun goes down. Open the coolers lid and the NightSight Liners LED lights illuminate the contents of your cooler, making finding the right drink easy at night. Whether you are an avid tailgater, outdoor enthusiast, or a hardcore family vacationer, you’ll find each LiT Cooler is guaranteed to handle the toughest adventure you throw at it while keeping your drinks and food ice cold for days. Read more...

The LiT Firefly TS-300

The LiT Halo TS-400

The LiT Torch TS-600

Can-Shaped Coolers: 

The Mega Can Cooler:The Mega Can Cooler by Picnic Time is an extra large insulated plastic cooler shaped like a can with pivoting handle and removable lid; The Mega Can Cooler has a 27-can capacity (12.25" diameter X 20.75" high) (5-gallon). The MegaCan can also be used as a seat. Read more...

The MegaCan Cooler

NFL MegaCan Cooler

NBA MegaCan Cooler

NCAA MegaCan Cooler

The NCAA Event Cooler Table: 

The Event Cooler Tableby Victory Corps, this cooler and table combo is a great way to show your team spirit while tailgating. The table top easily opens and locks up if desired, and closes to keep drinks cold longer. Read more...

The Event Cooler Table NCAA

The Bistro Bar Keg Cooler and Table: 

The Bistro Bar is not only a portable keg cooler, but also doubles as a table or as a standard huge cooler! Ideal for Tailgating, Large Home Parties, Breweries, Restaurants, and Sporting or Concert Venues. The Bistro Bar is portable enough to go anywhere, a true portable pub. Everyone knows draft beer tastes better, so at your next event be the MVP and show up with the coolest keg cooler out there, the Bistro-Bar. Read more...

The Bistro Bar Keg Cooler

Cooler Totes and Insulated Tote Bags: 

The Bongo Cooler and SeatThe Bongo Cooler is a convenient 12-quart collapsible cooler that is strong enough to use as a seat. The Bongo's convenient carry strap makes it easy to transport, making the Bongo Cooler great for tailgating, the park, the beach, concerts, or road trips. The Bongo Cooler has a removable interior liner for added versatility and ease of cleaning. Read more...

The Bongo Cooler Seat

NFL Bongo Cooler Seat

NBA Bongo Cooler Seat

NCAA Bongo Cooler Seat

The Activo Insulated Cooler Tote BagThe Activo Cooler tote by Picnic Time is water-resistant and has a fully insulated compartment that provides plenty of room for food and drinks. The Activo's exterior is made of durable polyester and the interior is made of heat-sealed PVC for no leaks. All materials used exceed federal and state safety regulations, so you can be assured the Activo Cooler Tote is safe. The Activo is ideal for the beach, sporting events, or long trips in the car. It can also be used for transporting cold items to and from parties, or frozen goods home from the store. Spacious pockets provide additional storage and convenience. Versatile and stylish, this bag is one the whole family will love! Read more...

The Activo Cooler Tote

NFL Activo Cooler Tote

NBA Activo Cooler Tote

NCAA Activo Cooler Tote

The Topanga Insulated Tote BagThe Topanga insulated tote is an all-around perfect bag. It's made of sturdy polyester with stitching accents to compliment its simple yet fashionable look. The Topanga's interior is made of heat-sealed PVC to prevent leaks and it's large enough to hold 24 drink cans. All materials exceed federal and state product safety standards, so you can be assured the Topanga Cooler Tote is safe. The Topanga is perfect for carrying food and drinks tailgating or to the beach, and features a separate exterior pocket. It can also be used to carry your wet swimsuits and towels on the trip home. Read more...

The Topanga Insulated Tote

NFL Topanga Insulated Tote

NBA Topanga Insulated Tote

NCAA Topanga Insulated Tote

The Tahoe Insulated Tote BagThe Tahoe Insulated Cooler Tote by Picnic Time is an extra large tote bag with almost 1 cubic foot of storage, enough for 48 12-oz. cans! The Tahoe Insulated Tote Bag measures a whopping 23" (L) x 8.25" (W) x 17" (H). Keep your food and drinks cold with the Tahoe's insulated interior. The Tahoe also has a water-resistant, heat-sealed liner making it the ideal beach bag for transporting wet swim suits, pool towels, etc. A large pocket with zipper on the outside of the tote bag lets you keep other personal items within easy reach. The Tahoe Insulated tote bag by Picnic Time may be just the family-sized beach style cooler tote you've been looking for. Read more...

The Tahoe Insulated Tote

NFL Tahoe Insulated Tote

NCAA Tahoe Insulated Tote

Six Pack Coolers: 

6 Pack Coolers from Picnic Time The Six Pack Cooler is the perfect way to get a Six Pack of drinks to your final destination. The Six Pack is a beverage carrier that fits most water, beer, and soda in bottles or cans up to 20 oz., allowing you to carry an assortment of beverages. It is insulated and made of durable neoprene keeping your beer or drinks cold, and features a front pocket and reinforced handles. Get the party started with the Six Pack Cooler by Picnic Time. Read more...

The Six Pack Cooler

NFL Six Pack Cooler

NBA Six Pack Cooler

NCAA Six Pack Cooler

Can Shaft Coolers from BSIThe NFL Can Shaft Cooler makes the perfect cooler for your tailgating and football game day activities! The tube-style cooler is insulated and keeps up to a 6 pack of cans cold and features the NFL Team colors and logo. This easy-to-transport cooler comes with an adjustable shoulder strap for comfort. A full-length zipper runs across the body of the tube. Heavy duty foam insulation keeps your beverages cold all day! Officially licensed by the NFL. Read more...

NFL Can Shaft Cooler

Backpack Style Coolers: 

The PTX Backpack Cooler The PTX Backpack Cooler by Picnic Time is so versatile and handy, you will wonder how you managed to live without it! With a water-resistant and fully-insulated interior liner, you can use it as a cooler to carry food and drinks, or as an all-around backpack for every day use. With a .5 cubic foot capacity it can carry up to 23 beer or soda cans! The PTX Cooler Backpack also features a variety of expandable pockets and front-mounted stretch cord for attaching items like a towel or sweatshirt. It's compact, comfortable with adjustable backpack straps, and accommodating - the perfect all-around backpack cooler for people on the way to tailgating at the big game, hiking, or about anywhere else! Read more...

The PTX Cooler Backpack

NFL PTX Cooler Backpack

NBA PTX Cooler Backpack

NCAA PTX Cooler Backpack

The Zuma Backpack Cooler The Zuma by Picnic Time is an insulated cooler backpack combination that won't weigh you down when carrying food, drinks and gear to your destination, whether it's a tailgate party, an amusement park or the beach. The backpack cooler is made of durable 600D polyester and divided into two sections: the top air mesh section (with drawstring closure) is designed to hold clothing, towels, or other gear that needs to "breathe," and the bottom section features ThermoGuard insulation to keep food warm or cool for hours and a heat-sealed, water-resistant lining to guard against leaks. The Zuma Backpack also features padded shoulder straps with air mesh on the underside and a specially design pocket on the front right strap to hold a mobile phone or media device. On the Zuma's exterior, two large zipper pockets and two beverage pockets help keep your personal effects close at hand. Stylish, lightweight and functional, the Zuma is terrific for day trips, hiking, the beach, sporting events, and fishing. Read more...

The Zuma Cooler Backpack

NFL Zuma Cooler Backpack

NBA Zuma Cooler Backpack

NCAA Zuma Cooler Backpack

Non-Licensed Backpack Coolers: These backpack coolers do not come with team licensing but are great overall backpacks, coolers, and some even come with picnic service which is great for hiking, camping, the beach as well as tailgating. Head over to the product pages for a complete description. Read more...

The Turismo Backpack Cooler

The Pismo Backpack Cooler

Cooler and Grill Combos: 

The Buccaneer Charcoal and Vulcan Propane Cooler Grill Combo Sets: The Buccaneer and Vulcan are the ultimate tailgating cooler and grill set in one! Don't be fooled by other similar looking coolers with grills on the market. Only Buccaneer and Vulcan feature a PVC cooler that conveniently nests inside the compartment that houses the portable BBQ grill. This Picnic Time Exclusive Grill with cooler can carry the BBQ grill and a fully-loaded cooler at the same time! This patented, innovative design features a large insulated and fully-removable, water-resistant cooler that measures 16 x 8 x 7" and cools up to 24 12-oz beer cans. The coolers unzip from the main tote to access the portable barbecue grill that's included. This awesome tailgating cooler has two carry straps on either side, and features a mesh pocket on the interior lid that fits a large ice pack/gel pack. The Buccaneers and Vulcans also feature an adjustable shoulder strap with comfort pad, a reinforced waterproof base, three large zippered exterior pockets to store personal effects, padded carry handles, and a stretch cargo cord on the top of the tote to carry a blanket or towel. Included in the tote are: 1 portable BBQ grill with lid (16.7 x 10.8 x 5.1"), one black drawstring bag to hold the grill, and three stainless steel tools with aluminum handles and non-slip thumb grips: 1 large spatula featuring a built-in bottle opener, grill scraper, and serrated edge for cutting, 1 pair of tongs, and 1 BBQ fork. Don't be caught without the Vulcan and Buccaneer Grill with Cooler at your next tailgate party, offers great grilling and keeps your drinks and food cold! Read more...

The Buccaneer Charcoal Grill Cooler Combo

NCAA Buccaneer Charcoal Grill Cooler Combo

The Vulcan Gas Grill Cooler Combo

NCAA Vulcan Gas Grill Cooler Combo

The BBQ Kit Cooler: This BBQ Tool Kit and Cooler combination set by Picnic Time features a heat-sealed cooler tote with multiple utility pockets, shoulder strap and handles.  The coolers large interior has a 46-can capacity and the tote includes eight barbecue/picnic accessories. 21" x 11" x 10"


The BBQ Kit Cooler