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DIY Polish Horseshoes aka Beersbee

Polish Horseshoes, often called Beersbee, Frisknock, or Flimsee is a great outdoor game played with a flying disc or frisbee.  The idea is to knock your opponents beer bottle off of their stand.  In turn they must catch the flying disc and the bottle if it falls before they hit the ground.  We'll go into game play and rules later, for now, let's make a Beersbee set.  Just about any 4' pole with a flat top and some sort of base will work, we chose PVC for this project since it's cheap, light weight, easy to work with and simple to find in just about any hardware store.  Since we plan on taking the Beersbee set tailgating to a Jimmy Buffet concert, we'll even make it look like it's made out of bamboo!  Of course this is a lot of extra work that is not needed, just stop before we start the faux bamboo process if you don't feel the extra work is worth the effort, the finish will eventually wear off from constant hitting with the frisbee anyways.

Supplies needed for 1 set consisting of 2 Polish Horseshoes poles:

PVC Parts for a DIY Polish Horseshoes set

  • 20' of 1" PVC pipe (2 10' sticks of PVC)
  • QTY: 6 1" PVC T fittings
  • QTY: 2 - 2" to 3" PVC Reducing bushings
  • QTY: 2 - 3" PVC Drain pipe caps
  • QTY: 2 - 1" to 2" PVC Reducing Bushings
  • QTY: 2 - Short pieced of 3" PVC Pipe, about 1" each (optional but recommended)
  • QTY: 2 - Optional for a spike base to push into the ground, you can get 2 1" PVC Couplers
  • Also you can get some PVC glue to hold it all together, but if you've worked with PVC pipe already you know it is actually difficult to pull apart if pushed together tightly, so gluing is optional.


All that is needed is a hack saw or something to cut the PVC pipe.


PVC Base for the beer bottle - Beersbee DIY

First we'll make the base for the bottles to sit on.  I put a small 1" piece of 3" PVC into the 2" to 3" reducer already in the picture above.  Then we'll put the 3" PVC drain cap in the 3" part of the reducer.

Installing the drain cap in the reducer for DIY Beersbee

Next we'll put the 1" to 2" reducer in the 2" opening so our pole will fit.

Building a DIY Polish Horseshoes base for the beer bottle

I did trim a bit off of the 1" to 2" reducer to make it fit flush with the base, although this is not required.  Since later I'm going to make it look like faux bamboo I wanted as little of the connector showing as possible.

Finished Polish Horseshoes bottle bases

Here's what you should have ready to set your bottle on.  Next your going to cut 2 4 Ft sections from one of your 1" PVC pipes, and insert them into the 1" opening in the bottle base, you can glue all this together if desired.  Now all we need to do is build a base for the pole.  Here's how it will look when finished.

PVC base for beersbee game DIY Instructions

First, cut 4 12" pieces from our remaining 1" PVC pipe (you can cut the 2' piece left over in half, they don't have to be perfect) and put into both sides of 2 of the "T" fittings.  Then cut 8 more pieces and arrange so you have 2 stands that look like the above picture and you have it.  Just put the 1" PVC pipe from the upright into the T fitting of the stand and your ready to play Polish Horseshoes.  It should look something like this:

Note:  If you want a spike style base you can push into the grass or dirt, cut 2 of the pieces at a 45 degree angle on one end, you can use these with the PVC couplers as an alternate base.

Finished Polish Horseshoes DIY pole

Of course at this point you can glue any of the parts you don't plan on ever taking apart to add in the stability.  The only 4 parts I would consider gluing myself is the base T fittings as indicated below just to keep the pole from being able to tilt during play while still being able to disassemble for easy storage and tansportation.  This also allows you to swap bases to the spike base if you want.

Glue the PVC here for DIY Beersbee

 At this point your ready to play, grab a flying disc, 2 empty bottles and 3 friends with a cooler full of beer and enjoy the afternoon!


For the bottles used during play, many people go ahead and just use glass bottles if playing on a grass or dirt field, be careful they do hurt when landing on your bare feet!  One idea is to wrap the bottles in clear packing tape or duct tape to keep them from breaking and holding them together if they do.  We prefer to use the aluminum beer bottles, they stand up fairly well to the abuse, can be filled if you want to add some weight, and won't shatter.  Cans can be used, but will need to be replaced as they get dented up, then that's never been a problem around here...

If you want to just buy a set, the Yardies Polish Horseshoes if by far the best set around, it is a bit pricey at $149.99 but the quality of the game and accessories is far above the competition.

Of course, if you don't want to build your own and the Yardies set is out of your price range, there are several decent game sets available on Amazon here: