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Pool Tables, Billiards Accessories, Cue Sticks, Racks and More!

Pool Tables:

Pool Tables from Holland BarWe are proud to offer these Officially Licensed pool tables by Holland Bar Stool Company. Each Pool Table features a premium wood cabinet with CNC and laser cut logos and is custom finished. The core of the table is the beautiful, double-arch, routed cabinet. Coordinating leather pockets match the look of the table and profile of the rail. A blind dado binds the top rail and blind for lasting strength, and a U-Channel and alignment indicator allow for perfectly straight cushion placement 100% of the time. Oversized rails have diamond sights, allowing for improved aesthetics and hand placement during play. “Sure Shot” rail cushions are made of 100% natural, K-66 rubber and deliver the rebound accuracy demanded by tournament professionals. Each Pool Table features Heavy-duty, stamped, galvanized steel corner brackets provide strength and stability for the long haul. Two center beams provide support for the weight of the billiards table and the slate. Read more...

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Military Pool Tables

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Corvette Pool Tables

Pool Tables from Imperial USAThese Pool Tables by Imperial USA are the real deal! They are 8-foot regulation sized, commercial quality Officially Licensed billiard tables with 1-inch, 3-piece slate bed. The Team logo graphics are permanently applied using a heat bonding process on Lexan making it scratch resistant and clear. Other features of this Imperial USA billiard table include chrome corner caps and side miters, 6 1/2-inch rails with full profile K66 Master Speed cushion rubber for true rebound, inlayed pearlized sites, and a 4-player in rail scorer. The pedestal base comes with chrome leg levelers that adjust to any floor. This great pool table is the ultimate addition to any man cave or Sports Themed game room. Read more...

NFL Pool Tables

NHL Pool Tables

NCAA Pool Tables

Cue Sticks:

Pool Cue Sticks and Stick Case SetsThe Single Cue Stick features a time seasoned maple core which is bonded to fiberglass to produce a warp resistant seal. This durable, straight pool cue delivers a smooth and consistent hit every time. The Sticks feature nylon/fiber threaded ferrules with Le Professional tips from Tweeten USA. A great gift for any team fan or avid billiards player. This pool stick is guaranteed for 90 days to be free of defects. The Cue Stick and Case Combo Sets feature North American maple pool cues with an ABS ferrule, leather tip, and Veltex grip. This durable, straight pool cue delivers a smooth and consistent hit every time. The team logo is digitally recreated to make sure the logo and colors are displayed proudly on the cue's shaft. The leatherette case has a handle and the league logo and will help protect the pool cue on the way to your next billiards match. Read more...

NFL Pool Cue Sticks

NFL Pool Cue with case

NHL Pool Cue with case

NCAA Pool Cue with case

Billiards Ball Sets:

Team Pool Ball SetsShow your team spirit with these officially licensed pool balls by Imperial. Each set is split between Home and Away colored balls with the Team logo on each ball, other than the cue ball and a black and white "referee" 8 ball. These Billiard ball sets makes a great gift for anyone with a pool table in their sports themed man cave or game room, and sports fan pool players. Read more...

NFL Pool Balls

NHL Pool Balls

NCAA Pool Balls

Pool Table Covers:

7 Ft Billiards CoversThese 7' Pool Table Covers by Holland Bar will protect your billiard table and show your team, brand or Military Branch pride in your Man Cave or Game Room! Each Billiard Table Cover is Officially Licensed. Our pool table covers are hand-made in our Holland, MI facility using a commercial, woven-back vinyl. Next the table cover is screen printed to provide the most detailed and durable logo possible. Never compromise quality when covering your pool table, insist on USA Made Pool Table Covers by Holland Bar Stool. Read more...

NCAA 7Ft Pool Table Cover

NHL 7Ft Pool Table Cover

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7Ft Cover

8 Ft Billiards Covers

NCAA 8Ft Pool Table Cover

NHL 8Ft Pool Table Cover

Military 8Ft Pool Table Cover

Jim Beam 8Ft Pool Table Cover

Indian Motorcycles
8Ft Cover

9 Ft Billiards Covers

NCAA 9Ft Pool Table Cover

NHL 9Ft Pool Table Cover

Military 9Ft Pool Table Cover

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9Ft Cover

Wall Cue Racks:

Cue Stick Racks by Holland BarThese 2 piece Cue Racks by Holland Bar Stool are a must have accessory for your Man Cave pool table or game room. The top piece features CNC routed decorative elements and a 10 inch mirrored center piece that features the team or brand Logo. Solid wood shelves have routed holes that hold the cue sticks in place and won't damage the cue shaft like inexpensive plastic clips. The bottom piece has designated areas for cue stick bumpers that are felt lined. All hanging hardware is installed in both top and bottom pieces. These are Officially Licensed Cue Racks by Holland Bar Stool. Read more...

NCAA Cue Rack

NHL Cue Rack

Military Cue Rack

Indian Motorcycles Cue Rack

Pool Table Cloth:

Premium Pool Table Cloth If your looking to set your pool table apart from the others, look no further than these logo billiard cloths! Manufactured by Hainsworth of England with over 225 years of experience, you'll be getting the very best for your pool table. Each logo is woven right into the fabric to ensure ball play is not compromised. Do not settle for anything but the best when it comes to your pool table. Display your Team or Brand pride boldly across your table with help from Pool Table Cloth by HBS! Cloth sets come with enough material to cover rails and bed. Read more...

NCAA Pool Table Cloth

NHL Pool Table Cloth

Military Pool Table Cloth

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Pool Table Lighting:

Epic Stained Glass Billiards Lamps by Imperial USAMake your man cave, fan cave or sports themed game room stand apart from other man caves with the ultimate in team lighting, and illuminate your pool table while showing your Team spirit with the Officially Licensed Billiards Table Lights from Imperial. Made in the USA with real stained glass that matches the team colors, each piece of glass is hand cut and soldered into its proper place with care and precision. Team logos are screen-printed directly onto the glass. Chain and ceiling mounting hardware is included. These billiard lamps are made to order, so please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping. Read more...

NFL 40" Pool Table Light

NFL 3 Shade Pool Table Light

3 Shade Metal Billiards Lamps by Holland BarThese 3 shade metal Billiard Lamps by Holland Bar Stool are fantastic for man caves and game rooms. Whether above your pool table, game table, or bar, this game room classic is sure to impress. 54” wide rod with ball finials. Includes On/Off pull chain, 3’ of chain for hanging that attaches to a single-point, ceiling mounting fixture, and 8’ of cord with a 3-pronged plug. Light fixtures are vented to allow heat to escape instead of building around the socket, prolonging bulb life. Edge trim on the shade matches the fixture. Lights are UL approved. Product is assembled in Holland, MI. Read more...

NCAA 3 shade Pool Table Light

NHL 3 shade Pool Table Light

Jim Beam 3 shade Pool Table Light

Indian Motorcycle 3 shade Pool Table Light